KIT KAT’s YouTube Ad About Skipping YouTube Ads Is The Most Ultimate YouTube Ad Ever!

What are the most annoying, most painful 5 seconds ever? pzaqZy

angry Everyone can relate to those 5 excruciatinggg seconds where we wished we were not disturbed by an advertisement while waiting for a video to start.

Recently an ad on YouTube caught our attention. At first, it feels like someone has taken control over the ad, but turns out it’s a clever marketing twist from  Nestlé KIT KAT!

A shady hooded man interrupts the KIT KAT ad, because he hates it that someone’s precious break is being spoiled by an ad. He then encourages the user to ‘Skip’ the ad and go on and enjoy their #break. All this, while probably anyway catching the user’s attention to not end up skipping the ad! Whattay idea.

This is a first of its kind idea by any brand. A very ‘hatke’ marketing initiative. In a world where every brand is trying their best to make the user not ‘Skip’ their ad – dont-01– KIT KAT goes ahead and encourages users to ‘Skip’ the ad. After all, the user has come to YouTube for a ‘break’, and should not be bothered by a commercial ‘break’. This was really unexpected, and if there’s one brand who could do this – it had to be KIT KAT!


The ad’s witty, and the ad’s brave. It’s an ad which manages to side with people who hate ads. More than anything, it strengthens their positioning and perfectly fits in with the long running brand message – “Have a Break, Have a KIT KAT”.

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