M.O.M Review | A Deep Dive Into LPU’s #ThinkBig Campaign – What Worked, What Didn’t

LPU recently launched their #ThinkBig campaign, which tells us the story of two friends who grew up together, but later went their own ways, and how their future unfolds. The communication is simple – Every decision that you take comes with a future, so #ThinkBig!

Check out the video


Here are the 6 big takeaways which the campaign very subtly tries to impart through their video:

1) Contemporary training methods – The protagonist is shown working on a 3D model to develop his go kart, emphasizing on how modern the trainning methods are.


screenshot-www.youtube.com 2016-05-04 02-07-56

2) Sports Facilities – Rugby! And did you miss that Karting track?


screenshot-www.youtube.com 2016-05-04 02-08-54

3) Diversity – Probably one of the biggest selling points of educational institutions


screenshot-www.youtube.com 2016-05-04 02-09-46

4) Eminent Personalities as Keynote Speakers – Dalai Lama! Woot!


screenshot-www.youtube.com 2016-05-04 02-10-21

5) Placements – The one thing that all students yearn for.


screenshot-www.youtube.com 2016-05-04 02-10-43

6) Entreprenuerial Nature – The biggest takeaway from the campaign


screenshot-www.youtube.com 2016-05-04 02-12-32

While these were the intended takeways from the campaign, what are the two things which actually work for them?

1) The Background Score
Music plays a huge role in any form of communication; after all, music is the very soul of our culture. Every great script gets lifted by great music. Piyush Pandey once advised “The music in an ad film must live the script and entertain, involce and engage the viewer”. The background score of this ad certainly is a big thumbs up.

2) Use of Social Media
We have changed the way we communicate, and the ad keeps up with those trends. The story unfolds through Whatsapp messages exchanged between two friends and Facebook updates. Very relatable, very contemporary.

But what’s the hiccup?


1) Long Format

The industry is divided on the popularity of long format ads. While a section claims that long format is here to stay, and that consumers want to know more about a brand before they associate themselves with it, there is another section which says the opposite. It suggests that patience is reducing, and any thing more than a minute long is indeed ‘too long’. More so, with more than 70% of users accessing the video on their mobile phones have an even shorter attention span and are easily distracted.

Here’s how they fared on Social Media

#ThinkBig got a reach of 12.2 M with 136.6 M impressions and a total of 12.4K tweets.
#CareerChoiceWithLPU got a reach of 2.7 M with 47.2 M impressions, and a total of 5.2k tweets.

These numbers are in line with the reach that the FMCG companies and the E-Commerce firms of the day garner with their funding backed digital campaigns.

Overall, the campaign does well because it talks to the intended target audience in a language that they understand and it tells them a story that they want to hear.

What’s your review of the LPU #ThinkBig campaign?



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