Have You Accepted Your Mom’s Pending Friend Request Yet?

Alright, let’s make one thing absolutely clear. We will never be able to do for our mom all that she has done for us. But with only one day per year which is dedicated to spoiling the most important woman in your life, why not take the opportunity to plant a big smile on her beautiful face? Because the thought of you having her in your thoughts will absolutely make her day!

You know her excited tone when you call her (btw, please call her), imagine the excitement when you actually share what’s going on in your life with her? Just like you share things with your friends. You know, like your latest check in, or that photo from your vacation or your thoughts on Donald Trump. How to do that? Accept her friend request.


A survey conducted on parents’ social media practices, found that out of all parents and children present on facebook, only 48% are friends. This count is after including the restricted profiles.

This mothers day, Nutralite wants more kids to accept their mother’s friend request or unblock them. It’s time we #KeepItLite with the coolest women in our life and accept a friendship which will last a lifetime.

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