Deltin’s New 360 Degree Campaign Immerses You In Their Hotel, Literally!

A picture speaks a thousand words, a video a thousand more, and now there’s virtual reality that transcends words, beliefs, time and space.  With online giants like Facebook, YouTube and others promoting them like never before, and new VR headgears being released every month, this latest marvel in technology – a 360-degree VR video is richer, immersive and engages the audience at a whole different level.

While education, research, simulated defence training and entertainment are its major applications, VR has emerged as one of the most brilliant modes of online experiential marketing for brands worldwide. So while all the advertising biggies from Nestle to Samsung are testing out 360 degree VR videos, The Deltin located at Daman has emerged first among the hospitality sector to enter the league.

It’s not just in the field of hospitality, but every developing sector in today’s life relies largely on technology. Users are intrigued when they see something new and we at Deltin Group. take great pride in taking the next step into the future.” – Floyd Tavares, Manages the Marketing Functions at Deltin Group

giphy (16)

This innovative 360-degree VR video showcases The Deltin’s 5-star property in all its grandeur. And they’ve perfectly capitalized on aesthetics by giving you a 360-degree view from the perspective of their most gorgeous guests – the Femina Miss India 2016 finalists!

So put on the headset and you are teleported to Deltin Group’s most luxurious and exuberant hotel ‘The Deltin’ situated just 3 hours from Mumbai & Surat in Daman. Walk alongside the gorgeous ladies as they soak in the luxury the hotel – the lavish entry, the relaxing poolside, quirky cooking lessons from the chef, sweating it out in the gym and a lot more.

For people on mobile phones, you can check the 360 degree version here.


The Deltin’s VR video does a great job of creating that craving for a vacation, or in its case, a stay-cation at The Deltin! A clever way of showcasing both the property and the brand tie-up.

Virtual Reality is a wholesome experience unlike 2D/3D photography or videography. We wanted our audience to experience the opulence of The Deltin at their comfort.  With The Deltin’s VR you now know what to expect before you arrive at the actual location, and implementing this idea for every potential guest is a big achievement for us.” – Abhishek Bhalla – Spearheads Digital Marketing at Deltin Group

With leading hospitality players resorting to Familiarization Trips that last 1 to 2 days providing first hand look and feel of their property, The Deltin’s innovative VR video idea takes a leap ahead and let’s users do the same at the convenience of their homes.

Experimenting with new ideas for our brands have always been at the crux of our marketing strategies. Building up engagement between the consumers and the brand through innovative ideas generate genuine emotions. When users extend these emotions towards the brand, that’s when we succeed as a digital marketing agency” – Ajay Shukla, Brand Manager, SoCheers

Experiential marketing is seeing an upward trend in the industry today and Deltin group seems to be amongst the front runners, encouraging two-way interaction with the audience as well as direct physical immersion into the brand.


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