In The War Between Flipkart & Amazon, Influencers Are The Real Winners.

Amazon and Flipkart are at war, and someone else is taking the cake away.

Flipkart is the go-to destination when it comes to shopping for electronics online, and they did this through flash sales of various mobile phones. Xiaomi launched exclusively on Flipkart last year and Motorola too became way too popular with their exclusive tie up with Flipkart. Since then, Motorola has switched sides and has now partnered with Amazon to launch their latest phones – Moto G4 and G4 plus – exclusively with them.

Flipkart ofcourse didn’t take that too well, and the on the day of the launch released a full page print ad offering deep discounts on Motorola phones. Amazon was using the phrase “Moto On Amazon” to market this and Flipkart on the very same day used #MotoOnFlipkart which went viral over Twitter.

Wait, did we say it went viral?

No, it didn’t ‘go’ viral – it was ‘made to go’ viral. How? Influencers ofcourse. These are Twitter accounts with huge following which are paid to talk about what the brand wants them to talk about.

But very soon that backfired, and people started picking up on this stunt by Flipkart and #SoreLoserFlipkart started to trend on Twitter, showcasing how Flipkart played spoilt sport to Amazon’s big launch. Who were these users?

Influencers ofcourse. Why do we think so?

1) Same image
2) Same message 2016-05-18 2016-05-18 2016-05-18 23-30-57
The same Twitter account (above) – @ChiragG14 also tweeted these in a span of 1 minute : 2016-05-18 23-44-54

And if you are still not convinced… 2016-05-18 23-47-33
If you still have an iota of a doubt, check out this handle here – you will understand what we are talking about.

No, we are siding with either of the brands. Just pointing out how hollow the entire war is, given it is based on how healthy your influencer circle is.

In the war between Flipkart and Amazon, Influencers are the real winners.

@ChiragG14 – You can thanks us later.

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