Lipton Ice Tea’s Delightful #100DaysofSummer Campaign Is As Refreshing As It Gets!

We all like a nice sunny day, but not in this devilish avatar. Everything feels gross, sweaty, and unbearable. All we want to do is stay indoors in the comfort of our air conditioners. After all, it’s inhuman to step outside, let alone stay and work outside – right? Well, not everyone has that luxury.

There are a set of awesome people, for whom its business as usual even if its a 40 degree day. You could feel like you’re moments away from a heat stroke, but these phenomenal citizens continue to toil away, without a crib. Traffic cops.

There’s far too little ever being said about them or done for them. Lipton did a really thoughtful campaign, saluting the spirit of these unsung heroes in a simple, sweet and fun way. They  distributing bottles of ice tea to these unsung heroes and through this commendable gesture they encouraged viewers to go ahead and do the same and help these heroes of our streets.



Under their #100DaysofSummer campaign, they posted films, GIFs and interactive illustrations and created a lot of buzz online positioning themselves as the ultimate therapy for heat this season.

Here’s what we think worked for them :

1) Sticking to a single theme

Very often we see brands get carried away on digital media and use hashtags for the sake of using hashtags. Lipton Ice Tea stuck a single hashtag and abided by the theme in all their social activity.

giphy (17)

2) Credibility

The campaign was not just a one off feel good gesture for some eyeballs. A lot of research went into this and accurate facts and figures were statedd to the audience to establish how difficult the current situation is, so that they are also encouraged to help.

3) Contemporary events

Running with an absolutely self explanatory #100DaysofSummer the campaign touched upon various events during the summer, from the T20 World Cup to Mother’s Day and maintained interaction with users through illustrations, GIFs and questions – all revolving around summer.

As an after thought, there are many more people apart from our cops who battle the summer heat only to keep us safe, secure, satisfied and healthy. This summer, lets go out and thank the ones that make a difference and actually matter! 🙂




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