ASUS Combines ‘Max’imum Style With ‘Max’imum Convenience

Are you always on the move and are looking for a phone which suits your lifestyle? ASUS has just combined style and convenience to bring us the revamped Zenfone Max phone. While the phone boasts of various features, we will focus on that one thing which truly and directly impacts both you and us.


Yes, we are obsessed with it and we can never get enough of it. We are in constant search for that plug point which will restore some ‘energy’ to our digital life. Zenfone Max has an enduring 5000 mAh battery which translates to a 3 day long battery life. Thus allowing you to live unplugged and to be on the move without any inconvenience. But hey, there’s something truly unique about this phone. The battery has the stamina to charge other devices as well. Just like a powerbank! Neat!


“Good battery life? It must be a ‘dabba’ phone.”

Think again. Zenfone Max measures only 5.2mm at its thinnest edge making it your fashion accessory as well.

While you can check out all the features here, there’s another one which caught our eye. The internal memory of the phone has now been increased to 32GB, which is extendable to 64GB. At the prices they are available for, there’s a lot going on for this phone.

They recently appointed Sonakshi Sinha as their brand ambassador in India, and she appears in their TVC alongside a guy called Lucky, who has been absolutely unlucky with his phone. He lands at Mumbai airport and gets a call from his boss, but his phone dies on him.

Enter ASUS.


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