Phoenix Marketcity Mumbai Spread Some Major Happy Vibes By Playing Santa To Their Customers

Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla played Santa to the hundreds of customers who visited the mall on Christmas, and the result was as heartwarming as it could get.

If it’s Christmas, you can always expect some activity at your go-to malls. It could be a lucky draw; there is usually a car involved, parked in all its glory in the middle of the mall. Or it could be big savings in terms of offers and discounting. But very rarely does a mall actually fulfill the wishes of its customers. Guess who managed to break the clutter? Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla. 2016-06-03 00-38-37
On Christmas day, people in the mall gathered around a ‘make a wish kiosk’ and wished for that one thing that they wanted from the mall. From kids to grown ups, everyone made a wish and immediately there was a sense of joy all around. Exactly how festivals should be!

But here’s what was going on behind the scenes. Santa’s little elves (Phoenix employees) were working feverishly to actually buy these requested gifts, wrap them up and deliver it right into their hands!


If you want to make customers feel special, what better way than to give them exactly what they wanted!

This was absolutely unique from Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla to give something back to their loyal customers. It wasn’t a hot shot marketing campaign with big spends, nor was there any big charity involved. It was just a bunch of super happy people, opening presents and feeling the happy spirit of Christmas!

Kudos to Phoenix Marketcity and the Creative Agency – SoCheers!

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