Burger King Fulfills A Fan’s Wish, And How!

Good brands delight their customers, but great brands? They don’t just look at creating fans, they create loyalists! Burger King did just that.

This #WorldWishDay on 29th April, Burger King decided to fulfill wishes of a chosen few people who were not necessarily their frequent visitors or active social media followers. They were just random people tweeting about their wishes. Ayan Roy was one lucky shortlist.


His wish? He wanted a nice, yummy Whopper! The catch? Well, there’s no Burger King in Guwahati (his home).

But Burger King wasn’t in the mood to let geography ( or even practicality!) come in the way of fulfilling a fan’s wish. They decided to fly Ayan down to aamchi Mumbai for a good ol’ whopper and much, much more!

Ayan became Burger King royalty from the word go. He was chauffeured from his home to the airport & given complimentary treats at the airport and on-air. In Mumbai, the Burger King crew received him, with t-shirts, crown, scroll itinerary and the works! All this before he even reached the Burger King outlet… dafuq!

Once at the Burger King outlet, he was spoilt to a fault! He got a complete tour of what goes down in the Burger King kitchens, and even made himself a nice flame-grilled Whopper! He later shared the moment on social media as well.


All this while the Burger King folks waited on him, pampered him, gave him a crown and what not. Talk about customer being a King! A tour of the Burger King office, many selfies and videos and many more smiles – it was finally a wrap!

Check out the entire video here:


It’s incredible how Burger King celebrated Ayan and went to mad extents to get his dream to come true – probably even more than he’d wished for in the first place. Well done, guys!


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