Here’s Why We Think Durex Is The Greatest Advertiser Ever.

When it comes to condoms, there’s a lot of scope to be funny and witty, and in the world of Durex, they have taken this task way too seriously. They are insanely witty, their creatives always go viral and their humor tickles at all the right places (if you know what we mean).

We have been ‘bhakts’ of Durex, and religiously follow their ads. We have been asked many times, what is it with our obsession with Durex, are we perverted, someone even suggested that we change our name to Mad Over Durex. We think this post will clear all doubts as to why we love them so much. And as far as Durex is concerned, this is merely a tribute to them from their ‘bhakts’

Jai Durex Ki!

1. Durex plays a lot around size. Now we will keep away from passing comments on whether size matters, but Durex sure did make small and large of it.

ktx durex xl 19x26
This ad here, is a fake one inspired from a Burger King ad. However, it is one of the BEST Durex ads you will come across, it’s a little dirty, but hey aren’t we laughing?

2. Now, what’s a condom for? To make sure the swimmers don’t leave the pond, and Durex makes sure they communicate it in their own special way too.



3. Now this one is our all time favourite Durex Ad. The subtlety with which they have communicated the message is to die for!


And they did a similar thing when Greece won Euro 2004

4. Durex also talk about performance and fun! Here’s them using the friggin’ street to get their point across!


5. This one below is Durex’s advertising during the World Cup


6. So they wanted to advertise the ‘extra time’ you can enjoy the act with durex, and they took it quite literally. They reached out to football matches, and sponsored the board which the referee’s assistant shows to signify extra time. Genius!

Durex-extra-time-ambient-ad durex-performa-ads3

7. They don’t tell you it’s cheap (cause well let’s face it, it isn’t), but the opportunity cost is very high. And how beautifully is that communicated.


8. The following are fake Durex ads, but they are amazing nonetheless. This set of creatives went viral when back in December 2012, there was a lot of noise about the world coming to an end on the 21st December, 2012. Thanks to the Mayans, we got some crazy advertisements to keep ourselves entertained.


Durex sure makes us Mad Over Marketing! We love the wit, the creativity and the humor. If you do too, don’t forget to share this post with your friends!

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24 thoughts on “Here’s Why We Think Durex Is The Greatest Advertiser Ever.

  1. This is disgusting you should be ashamed of yourself. Condoms are promoting promiscuity and are against nature’s law that women should get pregnant after sex. This is like eating at a restaurant and running away without paying. You should be prepared to pay the price if you want to engage in the dirty and base act. These acts are actually encouraging people to have sex even at the end of the world when you should be repenting your sins and begging for forgiveness instead you are sinning even more.. what will you do with your money Durex people when your time comes? You cannot take money with you only your deeds will be always counted.


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  6. @Tamna : pull ur head on shoulders. Get a life ease …..u shud appreciate the hardwork , ad makers have put in… instead whinnning about non sense. have u neva had sex without condom or so …..


  7. This lady should understand that we are here to appreciate add and the wits used to appeal to our target audience. Its their job miss dont be too stuck up about it. And frankly they are quite good at it. Now if you can excuse me I have to buy a pack of durex


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