Myntra Is Slayin’ Your Shopping Inhibitions With It’s New Campaign

Gadgets, accessories, gifts, music, books etc etc. – when was the last time you did NOT buy this stuff online? Choices, best prices, convenience, reviews – online shopping is the shizz, amirite? But when it comes to fashion categories, shoppers are still on the fence about shopping online. Ever thought why?

Will this fit me right? What if this doesn’t look like it’s looking on the model? What if i become fat by the time this reaches me? Daaaaamn girl, what if I become thin? How am I going to return these for a different size or colour? WHEN WILL I GET MY MONEY BACK? 


There’s a set of us that have totes discovered the joys of shopping fashion online, but there’s a set still struggling with inhibitions. Myntra has really sharply caught on to this insight, and converted it into a b-e-a-utiful ad campaign – “Try Myntra, You’ll Love it!”

It has a simple and clear point. It tells you why your fears of shopping clothes online are unnecessary & how you’re going to be delighted with all the shopping once you’ve tried it! Hence, “Try Myntra, You’ll Love it!”

People are loving Abhay & Ira as the cute and just-right-mush couple. He gets her gorgeous clothes from Myntra, she’s mad at him for shopping online, he casually agrees to return it all back for same day refund and voila, a non-customer converted. Watch the ad below:


With other players harping on discounts and sales, we think this is a really clever hit on a customer insight by Myntra. It clearly drives home two things – you can get a whole variety of gorgeous clothes on Myntra AND that worry not, shopping fashion online IS meant for you.



Tell us what you think!


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