Nescafe & MTV Have Come Up With A Kickass Platform For Budding Talent – Nescafe Labs! #ItAllStarts

We have ever so often heard a friend (or even ourselves) crib about wasting a creative spark, not making the most of our potential. A lot of times, we simply do not know what to do or who to approach to make it BIG in a creative field. As a result, mostly we just crumble up our starry dreams and go aaaaaaaa


Well, true talent deserves to be nurtured, and will be successful with the right platform. Enter, MTV presents Nescafe Labs! This is a one-of-a-kind program which provides both a learning & showcasing platform for talent!

Labs is divided into 3 categories: Music, Film & Others. Trust us when we say this, this is a huuuuge spectrum of talent they’ve covered under Labs. You could be a singer, composer, rapper, DJ, actor, editor, cinematographer, hairstylist, poet, comedian, photographer, skateboarder… whew! You get the drift?

So how does it work & what’s up for grabs?

Basis voting  by the community of 35,000+ talented users and the MTV Jury, top 5 entries from each category  gets featured on the Wall Of Fame each month. These talented individuals will get promoted by MTV and MTV Indies platform (TV, Social and Web). One entry from the Wall of Fame even gets a chance to be part of MTV shows! Plus, the irreplaceable opportunity to LEARN & GROW!


In December 2015, Nescafe Labs opened up the Cover Singer Challenge. Aseem was judged the winner in this epic battle with over 6000 entries. The video below describes his journey from a college in Kanpur all the way to the Mumbai. Under the able mentorship of the super talented Papon,  Aseem has come a long way from his college band days. He’s even opened for the likes of Harshdeep Kaur & Raftar!

Watch the whole video below:

The biggest deal is just getting that foothold in the big, crazy city of dreams. To meet like-minded creative people, and network to even create a few collaborations with other peers is no child’s play. Like Aseem aptly sums it up – his biggest takeaway was CONFIDENCE!

Undoubtedly, MTV presents Nescafe Labs is a useful, entertaining & contemporary initiative by two very loved brands. This campaign is truly hatke in the sense that it does serve a very meaningful purpose – “If you have talent, Nescafe & MTV have the platform for you”

For all you shining, talented sparks out there – do check out MTV presents Nescafe Labs!

Good luck 🙂


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