Have You Noticed How TVF Is Killing It With Their Brand Integrations?

If you’re keeping even half an eye open to all the marketing around you, you’d know that the next (or now?) big thing in the industry is brand integrations. It’s basically when lines between story telling, entertainment & advertising all merge seamlessly to create something super fun to watch, which btw also helps a brand / product. One company completely kicking ass at that is The Viral Fever (TVF).

Think Kingfisher and Pitchers. Think CommonFloor and Permanent Roomates. And our pick of the lot, think Ola and Permanent Roommates II! (btw, they just came out with their season finale a couple of days back)

It’s honestly quite fun the way they’ve created a whole character of Purushottam Ji as an Ola driver and more than that Shabnam as the damn Ola cab! And they’re basically in love. (what were they smoking when they thought this angle?) But heck, it makes great marketing fodder…cheggitout


There are multiple little points in the story where they’ve just integrated Ola in. For eg. this happens at some point in the story…


That’s the beauty of integrations, right. They end up being so much more effective than a banal product placement. Remember Hrithik going Bournvitaaaaa in Koi Mil Gaya. YOU’RE RUINING THE MOVIE FFS.

All in all, this works. And it’s here to stay. It’s a great way for brands to break the clutter, get some real recall. Given millennials are anyway watching more web-series than TV, this makes sense, no?

What do you guys think?



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