Burger King’s Got An Xtreme Overloaded Whopper Bursting With Flavours!

Let’s talk about food, shall we? Not pretentious sized, overpriced, worldy classy food. We mean FOOD food. Like real FOOD. When you’re so hungry that you want to look at some nice big servings of tasty food bursting with flavours and go…


So Burger King has come up with the meanest new product – the Xtreme Whopper. I mean, look at it.

Xtreme Whopper_Non Veg.jpg

It’s like the Whopper, except it’s MASSIVE and its legit loaded with flavours. Think tangy tamarind, cheesy drizzle, barbeque sauce, chicken keema or chana masala and what not else – it’s the sort of burger which has as much crunch as slurp as juice. Basically one abso-frikkin-lutely delicious combination of elements getting your senses going cray. Drooling? We are.


So if you’re the sort of person who likes value for money, loves big doses of all kinds of awesome flavours, and is looking for a wholesome filling meal, go try it out. And hurry – because it’s a limited time Whopper – it’s gonna stay till the 15th of August!

Fair warning – this particular Xtreme Whopper is extremely overloaded…it WILL get messy.



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