Influencers Are The New Celebrities, and Here’s How To Leverage Them Right!

“A brand is no longer what companies tell the customer it is, it is what customers tell each other it is”

Social media marketing has exploded over the last few years and brands are very keen to engage with their audience online. However, we all hate it when the brand keeps talking about me, Me and ME! You need someone to tell you that ‘they’ are good, and that you should try ‘their’ product. You know, how word of mouth works. You are more likely to order from Amazon if a friend tells you that he’s had a good experience rather than Amazon telling you to download their app.

Enter Influencers.

Who are influencers?


No one. (Sorry, we are still nursing a Game of Thrones hangover)

But it’s true, influencers are people just like you and I on the internet. People who keep posting quality content and have developed a huge following. When users hear rave product reviews from them, they are more inclined to buy that. This is where you need an experienced influencer engagement company which can connect your brand to these influencers.

For eg. Lets take a look at CCD’s recently concluded viral campaign by Ripple Links.

What was the brief?

Café Coffee Day wanted to build awareness around their summer line of cooling beverages and create buzz on their association with winter.

What was the idea?

To create a first ever social chain in influencer marketing, where one influencer tags the other creating an exponentially viral effect. Ripple Links used 51 premium influencers and created a social chain amongst them to deliver the results in just 2 days. More details in the video below :

One of the biggest reasons for the success of this campaign was not just the excellent imagery or the use of premium influencers by Ripple Links, but also the fact that they got a very relevant insight into today’s youth. They like to take selfies, post it on social media and tag their friends while at it. The influencers did exactly this, and the customers soon caught on posting their own photos with the cool beverages. Because if someone cool is doing it, I have got to do it too.

Influencer marketing is here to stay, and if you are a brand you better get your game on soon!


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