SpiceJet Wants You To Fly Them Because Of Their Food, Yes Food | Really Now!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we live in a world where an airline company doesn’t want you to fly them because of their on time services, or for their vast connectivity, in-flight experience or even their low prices. Everything has now become about that one very important thing in all our lives – FOOD!


Yes, there has been a big evolution in airline marketing. Surely our firangi counterparts are more evolved with their marketing, but lets take a look at how we have evolved.

#1 First we started by saying that we have the cheapest fares ever!


#2 Then, we moved to talking about the vast expanse of connectivity


#3 Then we started talking about the in-flight experience


#4 But now we have gone back to our deepest desires, our most primitive tendency – FOOD Goddamnit!

Yes, we are now selling our airlines’ as a destination for FOOD!?!


Hey, I feel like a hot samosa. I know, let me hop on to the next SpiceJet available, same day return flight yo!

Adveritsing, sigh…



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