Exide Life Insurance & Dhoni Hit A Six With Their New Campaign

What words come to your mind when you think life insurance? Trust, safety, assurance…right? One brand going sharp at exactly that positioning is Exide Life Insurance.

The Campaign

Exide Life Insurance has launched a new Lamba Saath, Bharose Ki Baat campaign which drives home the key message that long relationships build trust. And what any player worth their buck knows, customers aren’t just paying for insurance – they are paying for trust. Which basically makes this a very effective idea for a campaign!

Brand Ambassador

Exide Life Insurance struck a home run with their choice of brand ambassador. They created a lot of anticipation online about who this personality is, teasing users with hints and clues.


It was none other than India’s most successful cricket captain MS Dhoni.

Dhoni Ka Saath Idea

Parallely even the star cricketer himself was creating some excitement leading up to the big reveal.

#DhoniKaSaath was buzzing all over Twitter with the video receiving more than 500k views within just 2 days.

The reason this strategy worked wonders for Exide Life Insurance is because Dhoni’s massive following on social media was incomparable to the following they would get on any other channels, including their own. The teasers surely kept the users gripped as to what Dhoni was hinting it.


The video leverages their brand ambassador MS Dhoni to carry out this message. It’s a slice of life video showing how long standing relationships on all fronts create trust – from your next door neighbour to your family doctor to your life insurance agent. Dhoni’s of course the perfect foil for this given his own brand image associated with dependability and being forever foresighted. Exide Life Insurance & Dhoni clearly become a match made in heaven.

Check out the whole video here:


All in all, a good targeted positioning & nice execution of the concept – take a bow, Exide Life Insurance!


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