A Pepsi Vending Machine, College Students & A Whole Lot Of Emoji Fun! #PepsiMoji

Do a quick scroll down your phone, will you? Do you see more emojis than actual words? Congratulations, you’re very much living in this day & age! Whether you want a pizza, feel like sunbathing, want to puke or blush – the youth doesn’t need words no more.

Pepsi caught on to this insight and pulled a GENIUS idea off. #PepsiMoji campaign! Jaisa mood, waisi Pepsi 😀

This was a really cool on-the-ground activation where they installed a vending machine in a Delhi college campus. Picture college kids and a sign that says “No money, no problem!” – can’t get more bang on that that. After all, what’s better than ice-cold Pepsi? FREE Pepsi!

How did it work?

Go to the machine, pick your mood emoji or #Pepsimoji & then BE the emoji! That’s it – free Pepsi! This translated into a phenomenal buzz with people jumping, dancing, blowing kisses, making faces…all to earn their Pepsi!

Pepsi Kiss.gif

Pepsi Dance.gif

Check out the whole video here:

This was a killer campaign by Pepsi. Perfectly appealing to their target group, given campus folks practically talk through emojis day in and day out. And beautiful execution. Happy faces, and lots of word of mouth publicity – take a bow for this one, Pepsi!

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