Chevrolet Looks To Shatter Perceptions With The New Beat!

Cars zooming around, all kinds of topography, gravity defying stunts and potentially some good looking models – isn’t that what most car advertising is all about? Well, yes and now, no!

Chevrolet has come up with a really interesting new campaign for its offering – Beat. They’re doing nothing conventional with this one. Instead of the usual ads we see, Chevrolet has launched a campaign which is structured like a quick FGD ..focus group discussion, for the not-so-mad-over-marketing people 😉

There are no glam models trying to portray “regular” people – this campaign actually has kids. Kids, who are honest to heart about the kind of car they want. And they are asked to do a simple task – To draw what your dream car would be like

The drawings of the group were very creative. From a helicopter car which had an umbrella to a car with a plane’s jet! 2016-07-18 12-48-01

But would their parents cars be as innovative and fun as their imaginations? Nu-uh!

Chevrolet neatly shows what the next generation is looking for – a “fun to drive” car!

Enter, Chevrolet Beat!

Fullscreen capture 6302016 40349 PM.bmp.jpg

Mileage of 25+ with jazzy features like advanced insta-torque boost (so you can zip zap zoom) and interiors that may you feel like you’re legit playing a game…Beat pitches to be fuelled by fun!

Check out the whole video here:

Interesting insight caught and executed with a car that does look like a lot of fun – this Shattering Perceptions campaign has clicked big time in the US, and is now global in 5 markets. This creative strategy of not just pandering to top of the mind customer needs, but actually making people realise an inherent desire is top notch! Let’s see how this one clicks in India. What do you guys think?


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