ibis Hotel Challenged A Little Kid To Create A Mess In Their Room & Delivered On Their 15 Minute Promise

Brands in the hospitality industry face various challenges day in and day out, but here’s a very unique challenge which the staff at ibis Jaipur faced when popular dancer Akshat Singh, who is the brand ambassador of the Pro Kabaddi team ‘Bengal Warriors’ visited them.

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This little dynamite was given 15 minutes to wreck havoc in an ibis room (boy did he make the most of it) and the challenge was for the ibis team to clean up the mess in less than 15 minutes.

A highly energetic 11 year old kid, a hotel room and 15 minutes?
giphy (19)
The brand’s 15 minute satisfaction guarantee was sure to be tested!

He entered with the John Cena war cry and proceeded to jump on the bed like a kid on a sugar rush jumps on a bouncy castle. After the rampage on the bed, it was time for the rest of the room. He took TP-ing to a completely new level and spilled more water than he drank. And if you thought he was done, nuh-uh think again.

The staff at ibis Jaipur had less than 15 minutes to not just make the room ‘hotel room clean’, they made it ‘Monica clean’. Here’s how this unique kabaddi match Akshat and ibis unfolded.

This campaign conceptualized by Rasta aims to bring to the fore brand ibis’15 minute satisfaction promise and this was an absolutely palang-tod way (pun intended) to communicate that.

The hotel is serving as the official hospitality partner to the ‘Bengal Warriors’ Pro Kabaddi team. The players go through a demanding and gruelling daily regimen and no doubt they’d need this 15 minute service guarantee when they want to kick back at night.

Innovatively thought out campaign, in terms of turning the service proposition of the hotel into a Kabaddi like match between Akshat and the hotel staff. Check.

Appealing to ibis’ TG, an in-demand economy brand from the AccorHotels stable, given they are hard working professionals looking for comfort and quick service at the end of the day. Check.

Perfect execution with the involvement of the ever entertaining Akshat Singh. Check.

ibis and Rasta, take a bow!

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