Chevrolet India Is Creating Awareness Around Road Safety In The Most Innovative Way Ever

We love the monsoons. The rains are a sight to behold lazing on our recliners gorging on hot Samosas, but it’s a completely different world out there on the streets. Last year more than 17 lives were lost each hour on the roads and the situation aggravates each time it rains.

It gets quite dangerous for drivers and pedestrians alike with slippery roads, wind gusts, floods and poor visibility. But this monsoon, Chevrolet India is trying to make a difference. Through the use of innovative technology and a few simple messages, their road safety campaign aims to remind drivers and pedestrians in India to use the roads more cautiously.

Yet another road safety campaign? Been there, done that? Think again! This is as unique as it gets. They used hydrophobic paint for this i.e. paint which can only be seen when wet.


6 (2)These safety tips and messages become visible on the road as soon as it begins to rain and aims to make road safety a top of mind concern for everyone.

Chevrolet India as a brand has always been customer centric, and the monsoons were yet another opportunity for them to engage and educate customers on the importance of being careful on the roads.

India needs an attitudinal change towards road safety, and these messages placed strategically in major accident prone zones and select residential areas urge commuters to ponder over their road etiquettes.

Check out the video to see how the campaign was executed :


After all the fancy campaigns and witty one liners, finally one brand is taking real, on-the-ground action to make our roads safer.

Take a bow, Chevrolet India. 2016-07-22 13-48-33

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