Facebook User Created A Mario Video Integrated With Pokemon & It’s All Kinds Of Nostalgic!

If you grew up in the 90s, chances are that you have spent most of your summer holidays playing Super Mario – rescuing the fictional princess, fighting dragons and in the past month, you have probably seen the world get engulfed in the Pokemon Go Mania. Both are iconic brands in their own right! But you know what is truly legendary – a Pokemon Go and Mario crossover! 

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When you think about video games, the first character which comes to your mind is our beloved Mario – the mustachioed little Italian plumber.

A Finolex loyalist made an animated video based on the game and integrated it with Finolex pipes.

The video opens in the all-familiar mario world where we spent our childhood with the mandatory turtle strolling around. This time though Mario is accompanied by the friendly neighbourhood Squirtle, the water pokemon. Mario, while exploring the Finolex pipe, stumbles onto Team Rocket and Finolex’s mascot FIBO comes to his rescue to unfold some awesomeness!

18h59iUsers in the social media age do not feel shy in sharing feedback with brands. Brands such as Finolex, who have by now nurtured a large base of loyal customers, enjoy much love and appreciation. We did some snooping around and found some heartfelt reviews on their Facebook page.
screenshot-www.facebook.com 2016-08-05 00-42-15

And some noteworthy appreciation for their CSR initiatives:

screenshot-www.facebook.com 2016-08-05 11-57-20

However, when such creative videos crop on the internet, it gives brand loyalty a whole new meaning in the digital age.

The Finolex fan who created the video drew a meaningful inference by showing how Mario, the plumber is benefitted from Finolex Pipes, the same way plumbers across our country are supported every step of the way by Finolex. Be it training programs, skill development workshops, or plumber meets, Finolex has been doing it all to enhance the skill and knowledge of our plumbers.

Fan created content goes a long way to show who leads the way in brand loyalty. Doritos’ Crash the Superbowl campaign, which is all about users creating ads for the brand, receives more than a million views each year.

When loyalists create buzz-worthy moments such as this it not only drives tremendous value over time but also translates into enjoyble content such as this!


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