Ola Makes Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore fight it out with #DoYourShare campaign

Ola has seriously raised the bar on practical, useful and extremely buzzing social innovation! What are we talking about? Ola Share’s new #DoYourShare campaign.

#DoYourShare campaign strives to bring down CO2 emissions in the 3 most prominent cities – Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. The idea is so simple, but so powerful – they got a healthy competition going among these cities for cleaner air.

The campaign was kicked off by 3 celebrities on Twitter with a simple, candid appeal – “Do Your Share”. 

There was Rannvijay rooting for Delhi…

Mandira Bedi appealed to aamchi Mumbai…

And Robin Uthappa for namma Bengaluru…

In addition to all the regular updates & buzz on social media about the amount of CO2 reduction, one element of their campaign truly stood out. Ola came up with these really engaging hoardings with a prominent ticker. This made the impact very, very real!


The basic objective of this campaign is to make customers feel a strong kinship with their cities & to really give them an opportunity & a platform to #DoYourShare.

The #DoYourShare campaign is powered by WRI, a global research organization working on critical goals for the world to achieve this decade to secure a sustainable future. With a target to reduce 400 tonnes of CO2 in each city, Ola is all set to make a change!

Big kudos to Ola for genuinely committing itself to a cause & developing their business & marketing around that philosophy – and creatively at that!

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