A Slice-Of-Life Ad By GlobalLinker Is Busting Myths This Rakshabandhan!

Every relationship is special – but the bond between a brother and a sister is unlike any other. Common beliefs dictate the brother is the protector, the one who pampers the sister & showers her with gifts. But that’s just a myth. A sister loves to take care of her brother’s needs & wishes just as much! And that is what makes this relationship so special.

A brand has decided to break this stereotype of only brothers gifting to their sisters via a nice slice-of-life Rakshabandhan campaign. GlobalLinker, an SME Networking platform, has created a lovely ad themed around this idea, to showcase how relationships are crucial for all success in life.

The video shows a young entrepreneur at home, visibly worried about missing his first order. His sister senses the problem, and gets on to the GlobalLinker platform & look for a solution. The following Rakshabandhan day, as festivities continue, the sister surprises the brother with a gift – his first purchase order. The underlying theme really shines through in this moment – that a sister can & should also gift her brother. And more than that, our success is so closely linked to our relationships.

GlobalLinker is a unique digital platform which provides SMEs the ability to build new connections and manage & grow their business. Thus, this is a great campaign as it ties in well with their proposition. It leads young entrepreneurs to believe that there are no small or medium dreams! With the support of strong relationships, everything is possible.

What do you guys think?


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