Moto Roots For Freedom Of Expression With This Kickass Independence Day Video!

From 1947 to 2016, “freedom” has grown in meaning from being the opposite to colonialism to total & complete freedom of expression. Among all the people & things that have got us this far, the biggest game changer has undoubtedly been…wait for it…yep…smartphones!


Moto, a pioneer in the smartphone industry, has been at the helm of this surge of freedom of expression. This Independence Day, Moto has come up with a really apt campaign that showcases how smartphones empower us to freely express ourselves all day 24×7!

The video captures a slice of life of today’s youth – and demonstrates how the smartphone is the one constant throughout. With every hour of the day, the protagonist expresses herself freely through her phone. This freedom of expression works both ways – she gets information as quickly as she shares them. From consuming real time news updates & social media alerts to sharing pictures & mobilizing support for social causes, there’s nothing stopping her from doing what she wants, as long as she has her phone! With Moto, she can develop & share her opinion with the world in a jiffy. Something as simple & fulfilling as seeing an injured dog, and being able to mobilize support. Or voicing your opinion freely on current events, and actually see people acknowledge & endorse it! Freedom of expression truly never felt so good!

The campaign by Moto is a nice reminder of how freedom of expression has made our lives easier & much more meaningful. Instead of cribbing or celebrating in our heads, we can share every emotion we want with the world – right in our palms! Additionally, what also makes this video tick is that it gets you thinking about just howww on earth did anyone get anything said or done in pre-smartphone age! Whether its voice, words, videos or photos – Moto showcases how it’s facilitating freedom of expression all around.

Instead of the cliched pull on patriotism, this is a nice campaign by Moto, catching on to the insight of freedom of expression. Take a bow, Moto!

For all the readers, go ahead & freely express your take on this below! 😀



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