The Pizza Face Off Between Pizza Hut & Domino’s Is Here, And You Have To Participate!

We just stumbled upon on the most epic battle on the internet – it’s a Pizza Face Off! Here’s the dope on it.

Every pizza-holic in the country already knows about Pizza Hut’s #ValueAt199 campaign where they are delivering piping hot medium pizzas with your favourite toppings for Rs. 199 each. When this started trending on twitter, a certain Shalini decided to get all creative and play the devil’s advocate, thereby inventing the epic Pizza Face Off. She ordered from the two biggest pizza making giants in India and watered our mouths by reviewing those cheesy slices of dough from Domino’s and Pizza Hut.


She went on to write about how both the outlets have easy ordering options and timely delivery of hot pizzas, but Pizza Hut tipped Domino’s when it came it to presentation and pricing.  No seriously, Pizza Hut’s presentation makes us want to order one for ourselves right now! Have a look (PH on the left).


But the fun really began when more users caught on to the Pizza Face Off wave..

While Devina loved how the veggies on Domino’s pizza were cooked and grilled, she just couldn’t get over the huge difference in pricing. She even went ahead and posted a copy of her bills in her blog!


For the same sized pizza, and very similar flavours and toppings, Pizza Hut’s dish was available for less than half of Domino’s price. This realization suddenly went viral, with Twitterati going crazy about it.

Seems like Pizza Hut is winning this battle, and the value for money pricing surely helps. What’s your pick? Fancy a pizza face-off of your own?

giphy (22)

7 thoughts on “The Pizza Face Off Between Pizza Hut & Domino’s Is Here, And You Have To Participate!

  1. Comparison should always be on equal note.. if there was a deal applied on Pizza hut order. then the same should have been applied on Dominos (one Plus one Offer). I believe then the pricing should be almost equal


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