Ford’s New Campaign Really Does Feel Like Family!

Advertising in the cars segment is mostly just a lot of outdoorsy creative, engine sounds & good looking models. In the middle of all that clutter, there’s one brand that has been kicking some serious marketing ass with its sharp positioning & lovely campaigns – yep, we’re talking about Ford.

This Rakshabandhan, for example, Ford came out with a really different campaign. The ad showed a confident, self-reliant Indian woman (Kalki – great pick!) tying a rakhi on her wrist & driving a Ford EcoSport with a reassuring smile. Short, simple & powerful creative that really brought out Ford’s underlying brand philosophy – safety in your own hands.



Now that is a cool way of showing the progressive outlook of the modern women and demonstrate how they are taking charge of their safety and making right choices in selecting products.

This is not a one off example. Ford has recently introduced us to a series of ads as part of a larger campaign – all with the main takeaway Ford Feels Like Family,  For A Change.

The new campaign comes with a new brand script that focused on the Ford family name, coming forward to promise trust and transparency as experienced being part of a family. Trust, reliance, familiarity, safety, generosity, joy – all feelings you associate with family, therefore helps us connect with the brand. And like we said, there’s a range of simple, short ads with this clear & distinct proposition highlighted.

For example, check out this ad that so beautifully communicates that Ford cars are well equipped to keep customers protected and taken care of like a family member.


When we first saw this, we didn’t get the subtle message of a little girl feeling equally safe and protected – whether it was a bouncee or the Ford Aspire, thanks to its side and front airbag protection. This thought, backed by the imagery of a contemporary small family, makes the ad very successful in its positioning.

Not just in terms of safety, Ford is extending the philosophy of Feels Like Family  in their servicing by being completely transparent and as they say ‘passing the control back to the customer’. We are sure one big question which all car owners have on their mind is – Am I over-paying for my car’s servicing?. Through Ford’s latest offering – Service Price Promise, they are making it transparent for car owners to find out the correct costs by entering few details like the car model, distance traveled etc. and know the price of service even before walking into a dealership. 2016-08-23 11-39-36 2016-08-24 11-34-43

And this price is treated like Bible across all Ford service centers pan India, thereby making the entire experience very trustworthy. It can’t get than this, can it!



There’s a whole lot more that you can check out. Each ad really driving home the point that Ford Feels Like Family & reinforcing that with the actual product features. Clever conceptualization & really, really bang on execution of the campaign – full points to the Ford team for this one!

Like you, we are eagerly waiting for the next one!



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