UCB Crushes Stereotypes In One Of The Year’s Most Impactful Campaign – #UnitedByPlay

Indpendence Day ads have become very predictable. From brands harping on “Be the change you wish to be” to brands temporarily changing their logo to the tri-colour, it’s all become very redundant and ordinary. But there is one brand which is breaking the clutter by creating really impactful brand messaging.

Enter United Colors of Benetton.

UCB has always been vocal about social causes and this Independence day, they took the opportunity to raise their voice against a deep rooted issue in our country – Communal Violence.

Despite the secular and religiously tolerant constitution of India, an average of 97 people die every year from communal violence. Right at the fore front of this grotesque fact is the Hindu-Muslim divide. Through a very unique campaign, the viewers are taken through all the stereotypes that we usually associate with Hindu-Muslim riots, only to crush these stereotypes to a million pieces with a twist in the end. This is a must watch!


Uniting India with that one thing that binds us all despite of caste, region, age or gender – Cricket!

The Results

 – The video is closing in on a million views in less than 10 days, and is being touted as one of the most impactful brand messages this Independence Day.

– The #UnitedByPlay hashtag was trending on the no. 1 spot in India on Twitter and UCB was able to gather a massive 20 million impressions.

– With the buzz about this edgy video growing, accolades started pouring in from our very own Twitterati

 The campaign goes a long way in showing how a sport can bring people of all communites closer and how all of us are #UnitedByPlay.

What do you think?


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