NatureFresh Acti-Lite Talks About A Healthier Way Of Living For Modern Indian Families

The modern day Indian family is looking for two things – a healthy, active lifestyle, and quality time with family. NatureFresh Acti-Lite promises to provide both through their latest campaign.

Wives have a big but silent role in shaping the relationship between her husband and her child. She creates the magical moments in her family, even if she is just watching it from far.

How does she do it? Food ofcourse!

A healthy, active lifestyle is the perfet recipe for all the happy moments that a mother or a wife yearns for, and with a healthy cooking choice she is able to nurture a family which plays together and stays together.

Enter NatureFresh Acti-lite.


The brand caught on to very relevant insight. A mother is the secret architect behind the happiness quotient of her family and she often paves the path for the joyful moments that her husband and her children spend together. Through their product, NatureFresh is aiding the mother to keep her family active so that health is never a reason why a camping trip with the son or daughter was canceled or why the dad was not able to make it to the child’s performance at school. Indeed a very relevant insight to catch on to – No one wants to miss out on these precious moments, like the all important cricket lessons that every father wants to teach his son or that bicycle race with your daughter that you have to mandatorily lose.


With a beautiful soundtrack created by Salim-Sulaiman, the brand showcases a father enjoying cycling with his daughter, getting her ready for school and camping out in the backyard. Aimed towards cosmopolitan families, the TVC is able to create an aspiration in the minds of the viewers to be the family which is being portrayed and every woman desires.


The modern Indian family is switching to healthier food choices, and NatureFresh Acti-lite through this campaign is straightaway able to ocuppy mind space as well as kitchen space for this category.

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