Citi Gave Customers The Freedom Of Choice And Social Media Was Set Abuzz!

Every Independence Day brands come up with a marketing campaign, which is all talk and no action. Yes, it has become very predictable! Brands will talk about ‘bringing change to the country’, and they will change their logo to the tri-color. Temporarily ofcourse. But here’s one brand that is giving freedom a whole new meaning by allowing us the freedom of choice – Citi!

Citi rolled out various shopping offers and benefits this Independence Day giving customers the freedom to choose from any of those tempting deals and offers. The brand rolled out 2 very entertaining spots to communicate our inherent desire of choice –

1. The one with the choice in fashion

Have you ever felt restricted to exercise your choice of fashion because of uniforms? The protagonist in this ad felt the same, that too at a hospital. The campaign talks to our inherent desire of staying away from those boring hospital clothes.



2. The one with the choice in convenience


The protagonist in this ad desires the freedom to choose the products that he uses, such that they render the highest level of convenience to him. A very crisp and quirky video, which can be easily related to.

Twitterati quickly caught on to the thought behind this campaign and started sharing their stories of how they enjoyed Citi’s ‘Freedom Of Choice’.


Digital Campaign

The #WhatsYourFreedomOfChoice campaign drew participation from close to a thousand users and trended all India for more than 4 hours! Compare that to an average of 2 hours that most digital campaigns are able to sustain.

Another big win for the campaign was the wide reach that they received – over 5 million unique Twitter accounts! This is close to ~20% of the Indian Twitter users.

The two digital ads released on Facebook caught speed really soon and was viewed more than 5 million times in just 5 days.

The offers which Citi promoted on Facebook had an engagement score of 21%. For perspective of how well this worked, the average engagement score on Facebook is 6.3%. This was more than 3 times the average engagement.

This was a well thought out campaign that engaged customers and communicated great offers, thereby helping them to exercise their freedom of choice.





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