Amazon’s Latest Campaign Is A Refelction Of The Guilty Yet Lazy Generation That We Are

Isn’t it ironical that it’s a foreign e-commerce company that has completely caught on to the Indian mindset, far ahead of its competitors and it totally reflects in their advertising.

Amazon India is basically on our TV screens 365 days a year, very few companies have the marketing budgets to pull that off. The other brands which come to mind are HUL or PepsiCo. To be able to justify those kind of spends it was extremely essential that they catch on to the Indian mindset sooner rather than later and we have got to say – boy have they been rocking it!

Amazon’s latest campaign #MomBeAGirlAgain is about one simple idea. The current generation of working sons and daughters is lazy af. But they are a bunch of guilty-lazy. So when they identify that there is a convenient gifting option in the form of e-commerce and they basically house very single thing that they can think of – the children will now never miss a chance to gift their parents a smile.

The brand’s latest instalment basically says – Jaa maa, jee le apni zindagi.

A gift from now working children who were lazy and guilty all these years to think of something to make their mothers happy, but now have a perfect and easy option and are making the most of it. Yes, we sound cynical but that is exactly what is happening.  Amazon has identified us, and they know who we are – guilty and lazy. They are now creating beautiful stories around everyday situations, encouraging the guilt inside us to take action and as far as laziness is concerned – it’s all at the tip of our fingers isn’t it.

The one with the roller skates


The one with the camera

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