Flipkart Is Addressing Shopping Inhibitions Through Their Latest Offering – Flipkart Assured!

We love shopping online, don’t we! Choices, best prices, convenience, reviews – online shopping is the shizz, amirite? But there are some burning questions that occupy the back of our heads sometimes.

Will it reach my dad on time before his birthday? What if there is a delay in shipping? What if there is a defect in the product?
giphy (23)
Enter Flipkart Assured.

There’s a lot of us who have discovered the joys of shopping online, but there’s still a few among us struggling with a few doubts. With Flipkart Assured, Flipkart is aiming to cast these apprehensions aside and they have rolled out a very interesting campaign for it!

Yes, the oh-so-cute kids behaving like adults are back! The light hearted ad features two adorable watchmen trying to warn a resident of the building of the vices in online shopping.

“Checks maangoge toh polka dot denge, building maangoge toh khaali plot denge”

Right at that moment the woman reminds the prying little watchmen about the 6 quality checks done through Flipkart Assured.

By bringing the kids back, Flipkart has recreated the excitement that the previously successful campaign had. In a very crisp and simple way, the brand has been able to communicate the intended message. Check it out!

Flipkart Assured is a new seal of trust and reliability applied to select products only and has now become the new benchmark in online shopping. Flipkart Assured ensures 6 Quality Checks, so you can shop without any doubts. This program not just ensures quality, but also delivers to the customers within the promised time. So you can absolutely rely on Flipkart for those last minute birthday and anniversary gifts. 


But here’s what really works – Flipkart Assured is not an exclusive service available only to ‘Prime’ customers, it is an inclusive one. Anyone and everyone shopping on Flipkart can avail of the Flipkart Assured guarantee. No subscriptions and no club memberships.

With this service, Flipkart is looking to transform the way India shops by fulfilling shopping needs with a degree of quality assurance like never before. So, what are you buying today?



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