Baar Baar Dekho Is A Marketing Success And A Product Failure

It is an incorrect notion that consumers make rational, informed decisions. Most are purely emotional and reactive. They buy basis colour, shape, familiarity of location and how it makes them feel while or after owning it.

Baar Baar Dekho as a movie did everything right with their marketing. Katrina Kaif made her Facebook debut just for this movie. A flash mob at Jaipur’s railway station and a Tram Dance in Kolkata, the marketing was just scratching the surface. Amongst the various Ps that they went after, Packaging was their strongest and perhaps only ploy. And boy did they package it well.


Image source

Their first teaser was the year’s best song till now with Katrina Kaif’s abs in the lead and Siddharth Malhotra as the side kick.

Audience Reaction #1 : This is perhaps the most good looking movie ever made, CANT WAIT!


Yes, they sent out their best as the opening batsman and he scored a six on the first ball. Then came the first dialogue trailer.

Audience Reaction #2 : Exotic locations, nice songs, eye candy, wait did i just see Rohan Joshi from AIB?! This is a MUST WATCH!

Which brings us to the crux of our conversation – Packaging. There are 3 things which any packaged product must do, and the marketing for the movie did all of that :

1) Stand Out

A never seen before lead pair, perhaps the most good looking combination that Bollywood had thrown at us so far, and songs which had already started being belted out by the most popular DJs of the country. It stood out for sure.

2) Trigger emotional engagement

Consumers act when a brand makes them feel something. What the movie promotion managed to do very well is to make people aspire to be those characters. ‘Jai aur Diya, Diya aur Jai‘ – this got the soulful consumers on board. A fancy hotel room overlooking the sea, and a private pool just outside – this got the vacation junkies on board. Mathematical equations and a gap between time and space – hell this even got the nerds on board. The movie looked like it had everything!

3) Make you want to get it before anybody else

The movie had the most number of booked out shows since PK in December 2014. You lucky ones who didn’t get a ticket this weekend and haven’t seen the movie yet can relate to it probably.

But the caveat about packaging brings us to an ever popular adage – Don’t judge a book by it’s cover – especially when the cover looks like this


Image source

We snoozed more times than Jai did in the movie, and we wish that when we woke it would also take us to a time in the future when the movie was over. Clearly, the first P of Marketing, the Product itself was a failure.

The one big lesson that the movie has taught us is that Marketing is a mighty force. What looked like a movie which would be a good start to the weekend, ended up being 3 hours where you could have stared at the ceiling instead and gotten more expression from it.

There is no bigger example which can teach us the importance of Packaging, which is perhaps the strongest P there is.

What was the best moment of the movie?

The credits sequence.


6 thoughts on “Baar Baar Dekho Is A Marketing Success And A Product Failure

  1. Most booked movie since PK? You need to get your facts right! The advance for PK was very ordinary. Also, the advance booking for Sultan was over 23.5 crores whereas the overall weekend collection for BBD won’t be more than that.


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