Nutralite’s Engaging Campaign Got The Creative Juices Flowing In Their Fans #BoloMoryaWithLite

It is impossible to imagine a life without festivals. They have paramount importance in our lives and in our community. It is often the reason that families come together, new friends are made and there is a sense of celebration in the air. Ganesh Chaturthi which just went by unites as all with smile, laughter, song and dance. It is big, powerful, mighty and a whole lot of fun!

Ganesh Chaturthi has a knack of bringing out the creativity in everyone with the quirky slogans that are chanted during the Visarjan. As mad ad men and women, we are big fans of them. After all, jingles are what we survive on. These are usually inspired by Bollywood movies, popular culture and nursery rhymes.

Samsung Korea, Ganpati Bappa Morya!

Twinkle twinkle little star, Ganpati bappa superstar!

By now you must have realized that this is a great opportunity for brands to capitalize on, and Nutralite did exactly that!

The brand came up with an engaging challenge where they encouraged users on social media to come up with catchy slogans using the word ‘Nutralite’ or ‘#KeepItLite’ – and boy the slogans were as quirky as they get!

The activity is not just to jump on to a passing trend, it actually creates brand value that remains etched in people’s minds forever. We do take our Ganpati slogans seriously, and the most popular ones are repeated and chanted year after year. The other highlight of this campaign is that it focused on the importance of eating and staying healthy during this festive season. A lot of the slogans revolved around eating healthy food.

We picked out our favourite ones for you – these aren’t just ‘lite’-hearted but are also extremely engaging.

14199199_653709128136670_5420702481851980797_n 14232983_653709124803337_6665868304378033848_n 14264150_653708731470043_2493187938414971147_n 14264239_653708754803374_8348176425639423688_n 14203176_653708744803375_882840701056977746_n

While it was only a seven day activity, the slogans will keep getting popular year after year thereby increasing brand recall. This was an absolutely fun way of engaging with the audience at the same time creating something that can last for years.

Kudos to Nutralite!

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