UrbanClap’s New #JustLikeFamily Ad Will Bring a Big Smile To Your Face!

Aren’t there multiple situations in our day to day lives when we really reaaaallllyy wish we had a magic wand – like one flick and a genie appears & solves every problem or fulfills any wish? Well, the modern day answer to that problem is basically UrbanClap’s proposition. For the uninitiated, UrbanClap is your one-stop magic mobile marketplace for local services. You’ve probably already used their services and love them but that’s not our point. Our point is that they’ve come up with a delightful new ad which needs to be spoken about!

#JustLikeFamily is a really well thought-out slice-of-life ad. The video captures some very relateable moments where you could do with some professional help, but you’d love it with a personal touch – you know, just like family. Whether it’s a last minute struggle for the perfect date look or a a little kid wishing for his toy to light up or a guy needing that motivation to work out…the video manages to showcase how UrbanClap has the handpicked people to help you out. Check out the video below:


A simple but effective concept executed really well – the minimal dialogues & nice music ensures you stay engaged till the very end. With all the startups investing smart in marketing, this one scores a perfect 10 for UrbanClap! Big claps for UrbanClap!



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