Haywards 5000 Takes You On A Legacy Trip With Ben Haywards #2MenAndABeer

What is the typical form of advertising that an alcohol company ends up with? A surrogate video ad with funky music and people jumping and celebrating? More often than not, right. Well, here’s one brand that has consistently been taking the off-beat route and coming up with meaninful campaigns that really stands true to its brand ethos: Haywards 5000

Haywards 5000 has come out with a really interesting heritage documentary-based campaign. “Two Men & A Beer” – It’s a series of videos that cover the journey of Ben Haywards, the grandson of Sir Anthony Haywards (founder of Haywards 5000 beer). The video takes you on a trip with Ben as he seeks to re-connect with the Haywards roots & rich legacy. Ben travels across the length & breadth of India to explore and share the untold story of Haywards. From the Haywards bar in an old Portuguese house in Goa to the brewery in Haryana to meeting Raima Sen in Kolkata – Haywards & Ben takes all the viewers on an epic trip.

Check out the video below:


Haywards believes in the all-encompassing power of resilience & optimism. And they’ve time and again come out with campaigns that prove just that. They launched the Hausla Buland Academy for folks like you and I wanting a platform to shine. And now this campaign. It proves how first Sir Anthony Haywards overcame odds to give the world Haywards 5000 beer. And then how Ben, with his delightful optimism and persistence discovers that whole journey again.

The campaign is sincere & smart – and Ben makes it very engaging. There’s going to a series of videos & this one is the first chapter. We absolutely love it! It’ll be interesting to see Ben’s travelogue and where it takes us next. What do you guys think?


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