This Heartwarming Ad From Ikea With A Kid Buying Furniture Is A Delight To Watch

This campaign titled ‘My Son’ by Ikea is very refreshing from the usual quirky tones that Ikea uses in its advertising. It involves a young kid picking out furniture, and you soon get the ad is all about but it is just so heartwarming throughout.

The young kid is sociable and confident as he walks around the store, analyzing the furniture, admiring the surface material and measuring for fit.

As we race eagerly toward adulthood, parents often mourn the loss of our dependence. We grow older and forget we were ever so needful as we establish careers, make families and grow busy. But for the people who raised us, we remain the tiny people who grabbed their hands when crossing the street. It’s perhaps crucial for them to believe we’ll always need them this way.

Check it out.


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