AMFI Defines Mutual Funds As ‘Savings Ka Naya Tareeka’ In Their Simple Yet Impactful Awareness Campaign

Ever heard of don’t put all your eggs in the same basket? Now imagine the eggs are your hard earned money and baskets are possible places of investment. What if the basket breaks? What if the basket does nothing good to your eggs? Sounds pretty risky, right?

Diversification… Sectors, geographies, different sized companies and multiple other variables – you can lower your risk of losses by spreading your money across these variables. But that requires serious time & skills – which most of us laymen do not possess. Which is why – Mutual Funds.

Beyond diversification, there are numerous other benefits that come from mutual funds. We’ll cherry pick and tell you about a few. Mutual funds also offer you magical amounts of choices depending on what stage of life you are. Seriously. Any financial advisor worth their buck will be able to guide on the best investment. Plus the kind of professional management you get through mutual funds is hard to achieve otherwise. Also, affordability! For the average person, it just may not be feasible to actually invest in stocks of large say blue chip companies. Enter mutual funds! Your limited portfolio can now benefit from the growth of even the biggest of companies. Add to this the numerous tax benefits, liquidity options, transparency in performance and you get the drift – mutual funds are basically your safest, awesomest, most readily accessible investment option!

Awareness for the same though, has always been a big question mark. Enter Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI).

Mutual Funds ads historically have all been about that disclaimer announced with lightning-fast speed – ‘Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risk, please read the offer document carefully before investing’. Not anymore. AMFI is taking a very practical route to appeal to the consumer now. Their campaigns aim at dispelling myths and fears associated with mutual funds.

With a strong tagline – ‘Savings Ka Naya Tarika’ – AMFI’s approach to spreding awareness has been very intimate. They are making mutual funds synonymous with risk free savings.

Simple, relatable and impactful!

Check it out –


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