Sushant Singh Rajput Shows Us How Dhoni Is Just One Of The Many Hidden Gems In India

M.S Dhoni’s biopic is not just about the growth of a cricketer and how he achieved many firsts for the country. It is a much deeper story telling of a common man and his journey of fighting against the odds and how by sheer determination you can shape your life as you desire to. The story of Vishwas Shinde, a young boy from Ratnagiri is exactly that.

In an inspiring video, Sushant Singh Rajput takes us through Vishwas’ journey of battling all odds and working hard towards what he wanted to achieve. Hailing from a humble background, he became deaf after an acute attack of mumps and had to drop out of school. An average person would feel sorry for himself or herself and blame life for all the misfortunes it brought to him or her. Our little star Vishwas however, had different plans.

With some encouragement, not only did he resume his education but achieved far better than many of us with the various tutorials and amenities at our disposal do. Finolex Industries’ CSR partner, Mukul Madhav Foundation identified this hidden talent and contributed to restoring his hearing with financial support. The foundation also extended a scholarship to Vishwas so he could pursue his dream of becoming a mechanical engineer.

Here’s Sushant talking about this incredible journey :


M.S.Dhoni’s story is about how a hidden talent was identified and how he went on to become one of the most successful captains in the world. Like Vishwas, there are many more stories which are as heroic but not as popular. They need to be identified, encouraged and supported. Who knows, how many gems we may unearth for our country!

If you know of a similar story, boasting of grit and determination, do share it with us.

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