HDFC Life Strikes All The Right Chords With Its New YoungStars Campaign

Isn’t it familiar to listen to a friend (or hey, even ourselves) crib about not working on our talents. The creative spark, and not being able to use it to reach our full potential is such a waste of talent! Most of the time, we simply do not know what to do or who to actually approach to make it BIG in a creative field. As a result, we succumb to conventional paths letting our starry dreams go.


Well, budding talent deserves to be nurtured from the very beginning, and providing the right platform at the right age plays a key role here. This is basically what HDFC Life YoungStars is all about. This is a one-of-a-kind platform which provides an opportunity to learn, polish and showcase children’s talents. And it’s not just any ordinary platform – but a star-studded one, with renowned celebrities by your side, to motivate & inspire you. It’s a platform that’s effective in honing raw talent, and also providing a glorious platform to shine along with your favourite role models from the field. YoungStars is inspiring children to follow their dreams & making parents proud!

Amongst many, HDFC Life YoungStars has brought us one delightful story. It’s the story of a young singer – Yuvraj Verma. The young kid recently won the HDFC Life YoungStars competition in the Singing category. Yuvraj always aspired to sing, and fulfill his father’s dream of watching him evolve into a singing star. The video showcases Yuvraj’s emotional journey, tune by tune all the way to the HDFC Life Youngstars Stage! And on top of that, he matched his pitch with singing icon Siddharth Mahadevan. The mix of awe and earnestness that Yuvraj leaves the audience with shows how incredibly gifted he is!

Yuvraj not only groomed his skills but also got a chance to share a priceless moment of joy with his father for making him proud. Watch the whole video below:

Inspiring & uplifting, HDFC YoungStars is indeed striking all the right chords! It’s seeking to add value to people’s lives & also entertaining at the same time. Kudos to the team!


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