Furlenco Takes Less Than A Minute To Convince You To Be Diffe’RENT’!

There’s a “C” word that gives us millennials major nightmares. Yep, you guessed it right…



We don’t want to commit to people, places, things. Because life is way too unpredictable to be bogged down. What if you commit to something and it doesn’t work out? Or worse, what if you find something better?

Furlenco has come up with an awesome campaign that perfectly plays to this insight. It’s a really clever take on why we as a generation should be comfortable to be diffeRENT. C’mon, you gotta love the pun.

And it just works! Acquisition is no longer a sign of success. Access is. Flexibility is. The ability to get what you want whenever you want, no matter how often your mind changes. Furniture is a perfect use case for this increasing emotion. You may change jobs, homes, your tastes, your size of family – why get tied up to a huge fixed cost? Why deprive yourself of a beautiful, gorgeous home? This is pretty much the pitch of Furlenco, and we gotta admit, we love it.

Watch all this encapsulated in a simple less-than-a-minute ad below:





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