Here’s A Tribute To The Brave Indian Soldiers Who Are Away From Family Yet Another Diwali

It’s that time of the year again. Lit up evenings, a sense of festivity in the air and the smiling, happy faces of our loved ones. Yes, most of us have already started our week long vacation to travel back home and be with our family on this festive ocassion. However, lets spare a moment to think about those special ones for whom life will go on as normal, and they won’t get to see their family’s faces for yet another year.

The watchman in your building will still continue to give you a sense of security, the maid in your house will still continue to make it look beautiful while she still struggles to light up her own home with that one ‘diya’, and most importantly our armed forces at the border. While we light up our homes this Diwali, our brave soldiers will be guarding our borders in the dark.

In a highly cluttered Diwali week, where all brands are going gung ho with their advertising, trying to force fit happy looking faces into their script and e-commerce brands are asking you to  spend your Diwali bonus on them, there are a few brands who are looking at Diwali differently.

Enter Panasonic.

Instead of using the festival as an opportunity to drive top line, they are celebrating the spirit of Diwali by remembering our saviours on the border.


Conceptualized by Sociowash, this new video is a tribute to our soldiers who sacrifice their celebrations to ensure that we are safe.

What really works for the video is that it talks about what the kin of the soldier’s go through and gives us a completely different perspective. It is reinforced by the fact that the video portrays the actual families of our armed forces. While our armed forces must definitely feel that sense of solitude during festivals, it shows us the uncertainty and disappointment which their loved ones face year after year.

The spirit of the video however lies in the pride that the families feel about their sons, siblings and spouses displaying a brave front at the borders.

Here’s to the brave ones!

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