Virat Kohli Stars In Manyavar’s Diwali Ad Which Is All About Celebrating Indianness

You know Diwali is round the corner when your mom is pestering you to clean your room, when you can hear the sound of fire crackers on the streets or when those ‘card parties’ have begun in full flow.

Lit up houses in the neighborhood lend a festive and uplifting feeling to all of us. People are either on their way back home, or waiting for their loved ones. (Major K3G feels!)

But there’s still that one thing that makes Diwali… well Diwali, without which there’s always something incomplete. When we dress up in Indian attire, in that dashing kurta or those colourful lehengas.

Here’s Manyavar’s take on the same, starring Virat Kohli!


Here’s what really worked for the brand :

1) Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is the perfect fit for what the brand is trying to convey, and he is the most relatable figure for the audience that Manyavar is targetting. By roping him in and associating the flamboyant cricketer with the brand, they have been able to catch the attention of a large span of age group. His antics and acting skills in the ad film is absolutely un-missable.

2) Candour

The video has candour written all over it. From the ‘it’s time to play cards expression’ to Virat Kohli referring to his mother’s hymns as a loudspeaker is very relatable for the 20 somethings out there in a very sweet way. We all like pulling our mother’s leg every now and then, don’t we.

3) Implicit Message

The brand’s implicit message of celebrating Indianness is indeed spot on. It takes us back to our roots, and really makes us want to don that dapper kurta on Diwali!

4) The Tagline

‘Pehno Apni Pehchaan’ hits a home run, and it positions the brand as one with which you can celebrate being Indian, with which you celebrate being ‘you’.

Kudos to Manyavar!


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