McDonald’s India’s Super Fun Diwali Creatives Stood Out This Festive Season!

The busy marketing season of Diwali just went by and we saw a plethora of brand campaigns. You know, the ones with the cliched happy, smiling faces with the mandatory ‘diya’ scene. If not these, there were our e-commerce portals shouting their lungs out about discounts, offers and sales! The last one’s were those who used the opportunity to do something creative and different. One of them being McDonald’s!

McD chose to take a very different route this year. Instead of shouting out about free burgers, or force-fitting ‘diyas’ into their communication they wished their audience in a very fun yet engaging way.

Check it out!

1. The one with the saucy spin

2. The one with the sparkling fries


3. The one with the ‘fry high’!


The simple word-play and festive visuals clearly differentiated the brand from the clutter of Diwali messages doing the rounds of social media this year. The saucy spin and sparkling fries are definitely a better alternative to the noisy and polluting crackers.

We have seen some brilliant Diwali creatives in the past years, and sincerely hope their’s more to come. For instance, check out this very important message :


Or this minimal, yet so creative image from Pepsi

What was your favourite Diwali message from a brand this year?



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