Virat Kohli Bowls Us Over With His Pitch For An Equal Yet Big Indian Wedding!

Virat Kohli is back again in Manyavar’s latest ad, this time with a very relevant message at a very relevant time of the year. Yes, most of us have already booked our tickets for the wedding season and are looking forward to the festivities and the celebrations. But what we forget most of the times is the immense pressure that the wedding organizers (usually the family of the bride) actually go through. From niggling relatives to flawless hospitality, a wedding is indeed a herculean task. Manyavar’s latest campaign addresses exactly this.

Virat Kohli, who is positively surprising us with his cheeky acting skills, talks about how the wedding should be grand and how the celebrations must be to the full potential, but the costs should be equally shared between the groom and bride’s family.

In his uber cool avatar, Virat is planning a typical modern day wedding with the bride’s father. From the feels that the professional dancers at a Sangeet give, to the Mumbai ishtyle candid photography! You’ve got to love his desi pitch. But what takes the cake away is the message communicated at the end – If two people have agreed to share their lives, why cant the family share the expenses of the wedding?



This campaign successfully highlights how sharing is the essence of each marriage, and this should start right from the expenses of the wedding. With Virat Kohli as the brand ambassador in an avatar that his fans have never seen him before in, the brand is successfully delivering the message to their target audience.





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