Microsoft Explores A Sneak Peek Into Bollywood With Anupama Chopra’s Buzzing New Web Series


For the uninitiated, there’s a new web series hosted by popular film critic Anupama Chopra and it’s creating quite a stir on social media.


No, it’s not yet another run of the mill talk show where celebrities come to promote their movies. No, it’s not about gossip, nor is it about relationships. The show goes beyond the celebrity’s glamorous lifestyle and takes us ‘beneath the surface’ to show what led them to be the global icons that they are today.

What sets this show apart from its contemporaries is that it is a Web Series, which gives Anupama Chopra the freedom to do something more informal and intimate. It shows the viewers a new, vulnerable and non PR dictated side of the stars. Instead of the superficial candy floss that you mostly see parading as “talk shows”, this one really effortlessly digs beneath the surface. The series catches celebrities in their most raw, true selves and delves into their lives and hearts, creating some sincere, and special moments.

One of the highlights of this show has been the interview with Karan Johar. Karan Johar needs no introduction. From the big screen to small, from social media to tabloids – he’s everywhere. Yet, this is the first time ever, that he really opens up his life on Beneath The Surface.



The popular director is his vivid self in the show, and viewers get to see a completely different side to his otherwise colourful nature on television. Here are some highlights that really encapsulated the candid spirit of this web series:

1. Karan talks about how he deals with the ammunition thrown his way on social media. He shares how he’s gone the full reaction circle like normal human beings – anger, indifference & amusement!



2. This is a delightful snippet where he talks about the one word game he played with Ranbir Kapoor. A sneak peek into how some of the magic moments on celluloid were created by a simple one word game!


3. Karan shares his “lunatic” method of writing a script, complete with details about him talking to himself as he walks alone on streets – this is as candid as it gets!



‘Beneath The Surface’, created in association with ‘Microsoft Surface’ (whattay pun) promises to be a buzzing show, showing us a completely new side to these global personalities.

Watch the complete web series featuring Priyanka Chopra & Shah Rukh Khan along with Karan Johar’s here :


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