Benetton Strikes An Emotional Chord With Their New Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

In a time where most brands tend to just superficially dabble in CSR, there’s one brand that truly invests in important causes, and does so with great sincerity & effectiveness. Benetton. Remember their awesome “Unhate” campaign?

Well, this time Benetton is raising awareness for breast cancer through #UnitedByHer campaign. More specifically, this is dedicated to raising awareness for not just checking for breast cancer, but also for the life after mastectomy. A human’s body is absolutely integral to who they are, and for good or bad, a woman’s body more so. Benetton picked on this sensitive issue of how a woman’s life, personality, outlook changes after a mastectomy procedure. Through a short film, the campaign beautifully captures the “life after” and ends on a note of optimism and hope – life moves on happily as it should.

The beauty of the campaign lies in how Benetton pulls off this video without any objectification, without being preachy or presumptuous – it’s an honest take on how much it could affect a woman internally to go through this change, and yet how she can still be in charge of her own happiness. All with support from her loved ones. Watch the whole video below:


This campaign went viral on Twitter upon launch, with more than 78 million impressions. #UnitedByHer trended for ~5 hours. The video and the campaign caught the attention of a large and varied crowd – everyone from doctors to fitness pros, renowned feminists and regular tweeple were talking about it.


There was a lot of engagement & activity on Facebook as well, with people sharing their take on the campaign. To complement this, Benetton pulled off great on-ground activation as well. They organized a breast cancer camp in Manesar, actually facilitating women to get themselves checked and get a screening done. This picked up on social media as well, with people talking about this all over Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


This on-ground activation was neatly capped off with a really innovative campaign wherein many active instagrammers took to the Benetton outlets to actually create more awareness about #UnitedByHer. This was a genius move to drive engagement & get people buzzing about the important issue.


All in all, #UnitedByHer turned out be a brilliant campaign. A heart warming video, coupled with great on-ground activation reaching different types of female audiences & a viral presence on social media – Benetton sure ticked all the boxes with this one. Take a bow!


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