UrbanClap Has An Awesome Message From Women For Men…This Men’s Day!

“Women – can’t live with them, can’t live without them?”

“Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars?”

Women >=< Men?

Well, there’s one brand that’s really simplified this controversial dynamic. UrbanClap! Tbh we’ve always loved UrbanClap’s marketing vibe. They are contemporary, they’re witty, they keep you engaged. This Men’s day, they are back with a really interesting campaign which is a message from women to men.

Feminism being the defining tone of our current times, UrbanClap has crafted a really simple yet effective concept into a beautiful ad! With 4 women who have “unconventional” jobs and talents, UrbanClap masterfully delivers it’s message, integrating it seamlessly with it’s value prop of home & local services. UrbanClap captures the spirit of 4 women who have dared, and chosen paths less trodden. From a mechanic to a bouncer at Hauz Khas – there’s nothing a women can’t be. Their spirit stands for courage and equality. You see the ad and you’d think this might be a rant…it’s not. You’d think it may be preachy…but it’s not. We love what it turns it out to be! Check out the video below:



We don’t need you – we want you. That’s it – so simple, and for most women, so accurate! Isn’t it all really just about being equals? Does that mean women suck or men suck? Hell no. Does that mean women can survive without depending on men? Hell yes. Does that mean women don’t want men? Hell no. Gettittt?

So ladies, how you gonna wish your man?

Jokes apart, this one is a sweet, honest and relevant campaign – we like. Take a bow, UrbanClap!



One thought on “UrbanClap Has An Awesome Message From Women For Men…This Men’s Day!

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