Ramesh & Suresh Are Back With Yet Another Wacky Story In 5 Star’s Latest Campaign!

Ramesh and Suresh have always been entertaining us with their quirky ‘lost in taste’ acts, and they are back with yet another installment of hilarity. From ‘pitaji ki patloon’ they have come a long way and are now caught in between acts of crime. This time they save a street crime, and become accidental heroes!

It has got to be their best story so far. Check it out –


Ramesh and Suresh are urban idols in our opinion and are giving us major goals! Why, you ask? They are enviable in this TVC. The brothers are on vacation in a foreign country (#TravelGoals), they are laidback af (#RetirementGoals) and are enjoying the most delicious sin there ever existed on this planet – extra caramelly 5 star! (#ChocolateGoals #ArreyExtraCaramel)

Ask any kid who grew up in the 90s what he or she spent all their pocket money on and there will only be 2 answers – 5 Star and cricket balls.

Our envy doesn’t just end there. In the most unselfconscious and irreverent fashion they end up saving the day and get the attention of 2 beautiful women (#LifestyleGoals). Do they even bat an eyelid to that? Ofcourse not. They continue doing what they do best –

cjtqfpThat’s exactly what we love about the legendary Ramesh-Suresh ads, absolutely wacky and a dose full of quirk. Completely whets our marketing appetite.

What about you?


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