12 International Icons Who’ve Driven The Iconic Jeep Like a Boss!

So unless you’re living under a rock, you would know the biggest, baddest, most awesome new entry into the Indian auto market has been…wait for it…The Jeep!
Everyone’s raving about it, everyone’s dreaming about it and everyone wants to ride it. Not just you and me, Jeep has been a celebrity favourite as well. Oh, it’s quite an elite group. Here’s the dream team that has been riding this American Icon!

1. You think of David Beckham and you think whoa! You think Jeep and you go whoa! Basically, they’re both synonymous for nothing short of awe-inspiring performance. Put Beckham on a Jeep, and there’s one victorious package right there.


2. The Wolverine version of the Bat-Mobile!

3. Everyone who witnessed the Global Citizen Festival will agree that Chris Martin is a powerhouse of a performer! He’s always full of energy and he’s a global hearthrob – who else could complement Jeep’s powerful drive!


4. Bradley Cooper – Well he’s gorgeous. And the Jeep is gorgeousss. Need we say more, ladies?

5. The most majestic couple in the music industry driving the most majestic four wheels in the automobile industry – Jay Z and Beyonce!jki

6. They style icon of the millennials driving the style icon of the ages – Justin Timberlake.gf

7. Damn those wheels! Did Usher customize it for himself?j

8. From Manhattan to Milan, Marilyn Monroe has been the Glam Queen wherever she sets foot. She oozes luxury. Her gorgeous self on the sumptuous Jeep is a sight to behold!

9. Wait, did we just see the Pope on a Jeep!?

10. Suave, stylish and yet a major force to reckon with. Are we talking about the Jeep, or Ralph Lauren? You will never know. ralph-lauren
11. Eccentric and extravagant, just like the Jeep, Elvis Presley is totally slayin’ this classic machine.

12. Love him or not, the former US President, Ronal Reagan had a dashing sense of style!

So, what’s your Jeep dream team list? Let us know! 😀


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